Dr Colin Bicknell. BM, MD, FRCS

Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Imperial College London.

Colin Bicknell is a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Imperial College London and is Vascular Clinical Governance Lead.

Colin Bicknell is also the chair of the British Society of Endovascular Therapy Annual Meeting committee.

He is the Director of the Imperial Health Policy MSc and has worked with the Department of Health to define the structure and role of the NHS National leadership Council. 

Clinically he is a practicing vascular surgeon at St Mary’s Hospital, London. His clinical practice encompasses the full range of vascular procedures.

His academic research interests include examination of methods to reduce error in vascular surgery procedures. He has notably has studied the application of novel technologies, such as the advantages of robotic endovascular catheters in the vascular tree, which has led to the world’s first trials of vascular robotics in man.

Colin Bicknell is an investigator in a number of clinical research trials including the IDEAS trial, examining the effect of incentives to encourage attendance at diabetic eye screening appointments, the AADRVARK trial, investigating the role of ACE inhibitors to slow aneurysm growth and the recent extension to the EVAR trials to gain long-term outcome data on patients undergoing aortic stenting to 15 years.