Dr Philip Hopley. MBBS (Dist) MRCPsych.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Cognacity, Harley Street, London.

Dr Philip Hopley graduated in Medicine with Distinction from St Thomas’ Hospital before training in General Adult and Forensic Psychiatry.  He is nationally recognised as an accomplished expert witness in a wide range of medico-legal areas.  

Dr Hopley worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist with the NHS for 7 years before becoming one of the founders of Cognacity - a specialist private psychiatric clinic and mental wellbeing training company.  He consults in central London and at the Priory Hospital, Roehampton, where he is Deputy Medical Director. 

Dr Hopley has worked in private practice for 12 years specialising in stress, mood disorder, anxiety disorder and drug/alcohol problems. He is also recognised as an international expert in the mental health of elite athletes. 

Dr Hopley also provides consulting to a range of organisations on people performance and psychological health issues.