Ms Jan Rix, BA, ENB

Primary Care Nurse and General Practice Sister, Swavesey Surgery, Cambridge

Ms Rix trained at Barts Hospital, qualifying in 1977. She worked as a ward sister within the neurosurgical unit and radiotherapy wards at Addenbrooke’s Hospital before moving into primary care in 1986. She has been in practice nursing for almost 30 years and has experience of a range of practices, from Cambridge city to busy rural GP practices. This experience has included working both as an employee and also as a self-employed locum.

Her personal areas of clinical responsibility include nursing lead for respiratory chronic disease management, smoking cessation and wound care. She was invited to be the Professional (Nurse) member of the Trial Steering Committee for the i-Quit in Practice smoking cessation research project for Cambridge University PRCN.

She has experience of working with marginalised groups, drug and alcohol dependant patients and the homeless at the Cambridge Access Surgery, and more recently, in general practice with many Irish and Roma Travellers.

For the last two years she has been working as the nurse lead for hypertension and cardiac chronic disease management at a large prison that is a national specialist unit for Sex Offenders.