About Us

Since being founded in 2012, we remain a clinical group committed to providing exceptional independent clinical opinion capable of accurately identifying and managing clinical risk.

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Dr Stephen Metcalf, A&E Consultant and TMLEP Clinical Director


Our History 

TMLEP was formed as a clinical practice in 2012 with the overriding principle and ethos of improving patient safety and healthcare standards through independent clinical investigation and clinical analysis from active medical, nursing and allied professionals in all areas of healthcare practice.

Today, we provide independent clinical investigation and analysis for a vast range of NHS and private healthcare providers, medical indemnity insurance companies, and law firms.

Our breadth of healthcare expertise and independent clinical review strategy ensures that wherever allegations or complaints have been made against a healthcare provider or clinicians, their validity can be independently clinically assessed and the following conclusions can be drawn:

Evidence of Substandard Care

Where identified, our independent review clearly establishes what has occurred whilst providing detailed clinical analysis and reactive data analytics, enabling healthcare providers to clearly identify and manage their clinical risk. 

No Evidence of Substandard Care

Where our investigation finds substandard care does not exist, our reviews aim to provide the patient (and their family) with a form of closure through clear explanation and assurances allowing them to better understand the clinical outcome

For more information on our reviews, please view our services page.