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From real-time second opinions for NHS Trusts to investigations into allegations of clinical negligence for healthcare litigation firms, we provide independent clinical opinions for a range of organisations on all issues of healthcare.

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Dr Stephen Metcalf, A&E Consultant and TMLEP Clinical Director



Regardless of the stage at which clinical issues are being investigated, it is of vital importance that opinions are sought from the outset from the right specialism and from individuals who can accurately comment on the care provided.

We provide unique clinical review options and pathways to ensure that matters of substandard care can be identified quickly and clinical learning can be developed to prevent recurrence of those incidents and ultimately improve patient safety.

Whether for an NHS Trust seeking a second opinion for an inpatients care, or a law firm seeking an independent review on a healthcare litigation matter, our reviews are firmly amongst the very best clinical opinion available.

Typical Clinical Investigation and Review Structure


Preliminary Fixed Fee Investigation

Early analysis ensures matters of potential substandard care can be fully investigated and determined at the earliest possible stage, expediting the conclusion of a complaint or claim. 


Further Review 

As a claim progresses, further opinions can be sought to include the provision of CPR compliant reports, attendance at conferences, and attendance at court amongst other things.

Clinical Learning and Patient Safety

Further to the provision of an independent review, TMLEP's data analysis allows healthcare providers to better manage and understand their clinical risk with the overall aim to prevent recurrence and improve patient safety.

Analyst Oversight

All independent TMLEP investigations benefit from direct Analyst oversight, meaning that every opinion provided is forensically checked by a TMLEP Analyst prior to a report being released, therefore substantially reducing the need for subsequent clarification or amendment. 

Every TMLEP Analyst is legally trained and highly experienced in dealing with matters involving clinical risk, usually working very closely with the TMLEP member(s) appointed to a case.