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Independent Clinical

From independent SI reports for NHS Trusts to healthcare litigation reviews, we are able to decisively identify instances of substandard clinical care.

World Leading
Clinical Opinions

TMLEP’s Members are individually selected and managed by the TMLEP Clinical Advisory Board, ensuring that all opinions are provided by clinicians who are world leaders in their field.

Healthcare Analytics
and Patient Safety

By delivering data analytics relating to instances of substandard care to healthcare providers, we help drive improvements in patient safety and healthcare standards.

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Why Choose Us? 

There are a lot of Claims companies out there, but when it comes to clinical negligence it's a necessity to have a team of highly trained professionals, who will be with you every step of the way. 

Our experienced legal team will fight on your behalf to get you the answers you deserve. We know the entire process inside and out, its what we specialise in. 

Our steps to justice 


It costs nothing to contact us to find out if you have a case


Using a specialist Medical Negligence company gives you the best chance of having your case accepted. 


Our legal team request all of your records for you and pay any charges.


If required, we will obtain independent doctors evidence to support your case and confirm the impact this has had on your day to day life.


A legal team that is highly experienced in Medical Law will negotiate your case and fight for the best outcome for you.


We will fight to get you justice, and the compensation you deserve.